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General Admission

Cosmic Play Zone Pass (weekdays) $10.00
Offer not valid during school holidays and public holidays

Cosmic Play Zone Pass (weekend) $15.00
All day access to the playground and playzone for under 12's


Space Explorer (Junior) (Weekends only) $30.00
2 x Tube Slide Ride, 2 x Spaceship Simulator Ride, 2 x 7D Cinema Ride and unlimited Cosmic. Recommended for 4yrs+. Under the age of 4yrs must participate with a paying adult.

Screaming Asteroid (Adventurer) (Weekends only) $40.00
2x Shooting Star Vertical bungee Rides, 1x Dual Zip Line Ride & 3x Downhill Luge rides. Height and weight restrictions apply. Please check individual ride information for details.

Galactic Experience (Weekends only) $110.00
2 x space explorer + 2 x screaming asteroid + unlimited cosmic (4 x tubeslides, 4 x 7D cinema, 4 x Spaceship movies, 2 x unlimited cosmic, 4 vertical bungy, 2 x zipline, 6 luge)

Individual Rides

Tube Slide (2) (Weekends only) $4.00
2x Tube Slide Rides

Tube Slide (5) (Weekends only) $8.00
5x Tube Slide Rides

Downhill Luge (1) $10.00
1x Downhill Luge Ride

Downhill Luge (3) $25.00
3x Downhill Luge Rides

Downhill Luge (5) $35.00
5x Downhill Luge Rides

Shooting Star (Vertical Bungee (1))(Weekends only) $12.00
1x Shooting Star Vertical Bungee Ride

Shooting Star (Vertical Bungee (2)) (Weekends only) $18.00
2x Shooting Star Vertical Bungee Rides

Dual Zip Line (1) (Weekends only) $16.00
1x Dual Zip Line Ride

Dual Zip Line (2) (Weekends only) $28.00
2x Dual Zip Line Rides

Spaceship Simulator (1) (Weekends only) $8.00
1x Spaceship Simulator Ride

Spaceship Simulator (3) (Weekends only) $20.00
3x Spaceship Simulator Rides

7D Cinema (1) (Weekends only) $8.00
1x 7D Cinema Ride

7D Cinema (3) (Weekends only) $20.00
3x 7D Cinema Rides

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