Down Hill Luge

Down Hill Luge

Hold on to your ego’s, our all new Luge track is no place for the over-confident…A new 600m purpose built track, with tight corners, steep drops, and multiple speed bumps. Not as easy as it looks….


Sorry guys, we have your best interest at heart and want you all going home safe and sound. 

For this reason there is NO DOUBLING ALLOWED on the Downhill Luge.

Age: 8 Years and over
Height: Must be over 1.2m
Lugers please:

  • You must wear a properly fitted helmet
  • Tuck long hair away, and remove or secure loose clothing or items
  • Follow and respect all signage
  • No racing or colliding
  • Passing on the green side of the track only, slower riders stay on the red side
  • Keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times
  • Stay in control, you are responsible for your own safety and others around you
  • Keep both hands on the handle bars at all times
  • Feather the brakes early into the corners, please don’t skid the wheels
  • No food or drink
  • Do not abandon luge carts or exit the track until you are at the finish point
  • Please make staff aware of any medical conditions – (heart conditions, pregnancy, epilepsy)
  • Alcohol or drug impaired people will NOT be permitted to ride

Our quality Luge Carts are NZ built by Luge Cart World